Wholesale / Dealer Request Form

We thank you for your interest in carrying Rebel Reaper products! We take alot of pride in our products, service, and customers here. Assuring that we provide the absolute we can for our customers as well as our Dealers & Vendors.
Since 2016 we've been growing at a rapid pace where many dealerships/dealers worldwide have been wanting to carry our products, with that said we do limit the amount of dealers we work with yearly. This allows us to still cater to our customers demand in the products as well as provide a fair and honest amount of inventory we're capable of delivering to our dealers.
Here at Rebel Reaper we offer wholesale pricing in a fair and competitive way that allows us to continue to grow as a company, and also helps our Vendors as well providing volume discounts, flat rate discounts on certain products, purchase volume minimums, and again limiting the amount of dealers we work with to allow us to provide this service.
We're extremely thankful for your interest and we're excited to work with you, please fill out the form below and once submitted our Wholesale team will reach out to you if you've been accepted in a couple of days. 
Please note that we do not provide dealer/wholesale to "online only" business models at this time.
Still have any questions? Please feel free to reach out to our wholesale team at contact@rebelreaper.com