Wholesale / Dealer Terms & Conditions


To qualify to become and Rebel Reaper Clothing Company dealer, you must complete the Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealer verification process and meet the following requirements.

  • You must have a physical shop or online shop or presence that can be verified and checked. 
  • If you have a Physical Location we require you to send us or upload 4 photos (2 inside and 2 outside) to our Wholesale/Dealer Form clear visible pictures of the outside and inside of your store.
  • To maintain dealer status, you must purchase at least $500 with of product each year. If you do not, your dealer status will be cancelled.



This Policy applies to all resales of the Products. Regardless as to where the Products were acquired, either directly from the Rebel Reaper Clothing Company, through an authorized distributor, or some other procurement method, a Dealer must comply with the terms of this Policy below.

Rebel Reaper Clothing Company. (“Rebel Reaper”) hereby adopts this Resale Policy (this “Policy”) and requires that each person, firm or entity (as applicable, a “Dealer”) that purchases Rebel Reaper’s products (the “Products”) for resale or other distribution agree to comply with this Policy.  

Any Dealer that fails to comply with this Policy will be deemed an unauthorized Dealer of the Products, and as such, shall have no right to: (i) sell the Products, (ii) use Rebel Reaper’s intellectual property, including any of its trademarks or copyrights, or (iii) offer Rebel Reaper’s consumer warranty applicable to any of the Products.


We offer a highly competitive discount for our quality products that not only helps this company, but also gives the dealer a great discount where it is profitable for the dealer as well. We also offer Net 15 and Net 30 terms for dealers after they've placed their first 3 orders with us and met the minimum dealer order of $500.00 to open an account with us.


We operate out of a 4000 square foot storefront in Phoenix, Arizona  where our headquarters is located and do our best to fill dealer and customer orders as quickly as possible. Please allow us time to prepare the order of up to 3-5 business days. We charge actual shipping using the shipper of your choice. We also offer free USA shipping to dealer orders over $5000.00 in a single order. Rebel Reaper Clothing Company does not offer blind drop shipping – all orders leave our shop in heavy duty corrugated boxes with Rebel Reaper Clothing Company packaging with an invoice. If it is a Net 15 or Net 30 order, the due date for the order will be in the invoice.

NET 15 or NET 30:

The Net 15 or Net 30 payment methods are only applicable to dealers who've placed their initial $500.00 order as well as placed 2 additional orders paid in full/on time to build trust with our Dealers to use this method. The due date will be shown at checkout, and Rebel Reaper does require the dealer to provide a business credit card and/or ACH account information in order to qualify for Net payments. We keep all information confidential and no exceptions to this if using Net Payments. If selecting Net Payments, the due date will be charged accordingly after 15 or 30 days (whichever is selected) from when the date the order was placed. Any Net Payment orders not paid for, will result in further court obligations if necessary and Rebel Reaper will not be held liable for any court fees if this is the case. Any Net Payments that have a return charge will result in a $50 late fee each day that the order goes unpaid. 


All Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealers receive the same dealer pricing. Rebel Reaper Clothing Company does not offer multiple price levels based off of volume and/or shop size. The only time that Rebel Reaper Clothing Company offers any discounts below standard dealer pricing is in the event of a product being discontinued or on special. Our suggested retail prices are based on healthy profit margins for everyone in the motorcycle industry. Rebel Reaper Clothing Company aggressively prices our product line to be competitive and fair, and we ask that all of our dealers do the same. Dealers caught selling under the price listed in current price sheets will be subject to account closure without notice. 

The suggested retail price determined by Rebel Reaper Clothing Company is based on healthy profit margins for every party in the sales chain. Rebel Reaper Clothing Company aggressively promotes and protects retail prices to stabilize and maintain the perceived value of the product line, and we ask that all authorized dealers to do the same. Dealers caught selling under the MSRP listed in Rebel Reaper Clothing Company current price sheets will be susceptible to account closure without notice.

Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealers may only advertise for and sell Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Product on websites which are owned, operated, and controlled by the Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealer. Any advertising and sales for Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Product on any third-party website, including, but not limited to Amazon.com, eBay.com, WalMart.com, Sears.com and other similar websites, is strictly prohibited and the dealer account will be revoked without notice if this has happened. Dealers caught selling under the MSRP listed in Rebel Reaper Clothing Company current price sheets will be susceptible to account closure without notice.

All orders placed by a Rebel Reaper Clothing Company dealer must ship directly to the dealer’s physical address. Rebel Reaper Clothing Company will not ship direct to a retail customer or other entity on behalf of an authorized Rebel Reaper Clothing Company dealer.

Unless otherwise agreed with Rebel Reaper Clothing Company in writing, Dealer may only purchase Products for resale to consumers and end user customers, and Dealer may not resell Products to other Dealers, distributors or for further distribution in any manner.

Dealer will ensure that any Products it purchased are stored in secure, climate-controlled warehouses.

Dealer shall sell Products in their original packaging. Relabeling, repackaging (including the separation of bundled Products or the bundling of Products), and other alterations to Products or their packaging are not permitted. Tampering with, defacing, or otherwise altering any serial number, UPC code, batch or lot code, SKU or other identifying information on Products or their packaging is prohibited. Dealer may not remove, translate, or modify the contents of any label or literature on or accompanying the Products. Dealer shall not advertise, market, display, or demonstrate non-Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Products together with the Products in a manner that would create the impression that the non- Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Products are made by, endorsed by, or associated with Rebel Reaper Clothing Company.

If Dealer has information or reasonably suspects that any person is purchasing and reselling or distributing Products in a manner not authorized by Rebel Reaper Clothing Company or in violation of this Policy, Dealer must promptly notify Rebel Reaper Clothing Company.

Dealers that comply with this Policy have a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable license to use Rebel Reaper Clothing Company trademarks and copyrights in connection with the sale of the Products. Dealer shall not alter, modify, or change any trademark or copyright, nor shall Dealer use any trademark or copyright other than for the promotion and sale of the Products, nor shall Dealer use any trademark or copyright in any manner that negatively impacts such trademark or copyright or the Rebel Reaper Clothing Company. Failure to comply with the Policy will result in the automatic revocation of the license granted herein and a total forfeiture of the rights granted herein. Rebel Reaper Clothing Company 
reserves the right to revoke this license at any time for any or no reason.  

Promptly upon receipt of the Products within 72 Hours, Dealer agrees to inspect the Products for damage, defects, evidence of tampering, or other non-conformances (a “Defect”). If any Defect is identified, Dealer must not offer the Product for sale and must promptly report the Defect to Rebel Reaper Clothing Company.

Dealer will maintain customer service phone and email response functions to handle customer complaints, returns and other customer service functions.  At Rebel Reaper Clothing Company's request, Dealer will provide any reports or other information related to such customer services.  



Authorized Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealers can purchase Rebel Reaper Clothing Company merchandise via email or over the phone. Once your order is placed we will send you an invoice. If it is a Net 15 or Net 30 method, the payment due will be either on the invoice or we will notify when the due date is to be. Please note all Net 15 or Net 30 accounts will require a business credit card or account on file and will be charged accordingly 15 or 30 days from when the order was placed.

Authorized Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealers may make payment for merchandise in the following manner:

• Credit card — Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Customer must provide name on card, billing address, billing contact phone number and e-mail address, credit card number, expiration date, and security code.

• PayPal — Customer must reference the invoice number in the comments box when paying via PayPal. Our account is under contact@rebelreaper.com

*** Orders must be paid within 5 business days of invoice receipt. Any orders not paid within this time frame will be canceled and not shipped until paid in full.


To start the Rebel Reaper Clothing Company Dealer verification process, please call (480) 750-9311 by leaving us a voicemail or e-mail us at contact@rebelreaper.com

Dealer must provide Rebel Reaper Clothing Company with any supplemental information, documents and reports that Rebel Reaper Clothing Company may request in order to validate Dealer’s compliance with this Policy and to support Rebel Reaper Clothing Company's warranty support and customer support obligations and initiatives.





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