About Us

Welcome to Rebel Reaper Clothing Company!
We're a company that began back in 2016. We started from nothing... literally nothing - from the owner pressing T-Shirts in a 5x5 Storage Unit in the Arizona heat for the first 3 years, then to a small shop in Phoenix, to now a full fledge showroom/warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona - what kept us going? Well, we had one goal in mind... providing the absolute BEST QUALITY products we can, at reasonable prices, that will last you YEARS to come. We note only focus on the quality - but we focus on the functionality and original style of our products. We believe in having the best of both worlds - safety AND style. Something that'll last a long time, not just a few seasons. You see... we've worn hundreds of other brands apparel before... and our motivation for doing what we do, is not just focusing on quality but actually WEARING our products daily. We test ALL our products on and off the saddle before going live to the public. Thats how we're confident in what we do, and why we have continuous customers daily and the word of mouth speaks for itself on the quality. We've built this brand organically, how it should be, delivering continuously day in and day out the absolute best we can do. And if its not up to your standard, rest assured we will always do our BEST to make it right. 
The Rebel Reaper Team

We support local business, likeminded individual companies, and just out to make the raddest shit we possibly can in a world full of cheap cook-cutter mimics, we seek out to do the complete opposite.

Instagram: @rebelreaperclothing

Facebook: @rebelreaperclothing

Business email: contact@rebelreaper.com

Customer Service Phone: 602-975-6392 (please leave a voicemail with your order number, concern, name, details in order to receive a call back quickly)

Business Storefront location: 

3102 E Cactus Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85032