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Of course we are! We didnt build the reputation as the chosen premium custom vest and jacket apparel brand in the world by not promising on what we deliver. We've been doing this since 2016, just checkout our endless positive 5+ star reviews online, on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere for happy customers who've gotten their customs with us!

When using our 3D builder - you'll noticed the possibilties are literally endless. All customs are not created equal - each one is unique to our customers needs and requirements, so theres no "set number" on the price but you'll be able to determine that at the end when you build it above using our 3D builder.

We believe you shouldnt have to sacrifice quality, for price here. Thats why since 2016 we've been the chosen brand and built a reputation all around the world for using the finest and absolute highest standard in premium genuine quality leathers, selvedge premium denims, canvas, cardura, and each Full Custom is built to order - brick by brick - to assure our production team provides the upmost highest quality in craftsmanship.

We reinvest everything back into providing even better products and materials, and since we use only the BEST premium materials, hardware, zippers, and craftsmanship - that comes with a price. We sought out to be a PREMIUM custom vest/jacket brand, not mediocre. There's plenty of that out there - you came here because you want the BEST, and you deserve it.

Did you know we warranty our customs too? We do. Thats because we believe in our products and confident in what we provide to our customers - and you have the safety in mind knowing that every penny spent on your custom went to the right place where you'll be treated as part of the family rather than a number like most other companies do. We got you!

Being that we're the first in the world to provide a custom 3d builder like this - it comes with new technology. We sat down and actually calculated out that we have over 10,000+ different customization options available including leather colors, materials, and more.

If we were to add ALL of those customization options to the builder, it would explode! Just kidding, but seriously if we did that it would REALLY slow and bog down the loading times of the builder. So we only have the most common options on the builder, if you need something outside of the builder specifically and are READY to order please reach out to our Customs Team email at with your name, number, and requirements outside of the builder that you'd like to do and our mad scientist can cook it up for ya! The only limits are your imagination.

WE DO! Good thing you're buying a custom jacket or vest from us huh? Most companies dont, and would shrung their shoulders saying "oh well"... thats because they know they're not using the best fabrics/materials and can sell it for "cheaper" - but dont be fooled, not all leather/materials are created equally, it usually comes with a price. Think of going through us as an investment, and it comes with FREE lifetime insurance on it from a company that cares and will take care of you in the event that ever happens. But we build each custom with intent to last a LIFETIME and thats why we're able to offer this to our customers.

Our Rebel Reaper Guarantee covers any repairs with stitching, zippers or buttons repairs of your Rebel Reaper Vest or Jacket. We do not cover any intential or accidental damages outside of that.

If you need repairs, please REACH OUT TO US FIRST - then our team will instruct where to send in for repairs and include inside your order number, name, repair needed, and allow us (depending on the repair) up to an average 10-20 business days to repair and send back to you. We will let you know once it arrives an estimated time if/when it's repairable.

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We use many materials, but the most common for our customers is genuine premium cowhide, selvedge quality denim, and heavy duty canvas. We also can do cardura, exotic leathers, and more.

Selvedge Denim has been around for centuries as the "go to" denim for strength and durability. Its great for bring light weight, yet extremely durable. Other companies use the cheapest denim, and you can tell. Selvedge denim is like regular denim but on steroids.

Canvas is suggested for year round / heavy use but still light enough and durable. Typically stronger than our selvedge denim, and more water resistant than selvedge denim.

Premium Genuine Cowhide Leather - we use the BEST stuff in the world, literally. We have our own tannery, and custom vest/jacket production team to provide the absolute best leathers out there. We typically 90% of the time use 1.2mm premium soft pressed cowhide leather for our vests, but we've been known to use thickness up to 2.0mm+. 1.2mm is great for the weight, thickness, and longevity without being too heavy or too light, more for easy mobility and longer lasting.

Since you're building a FULL custom included in the price is you being able to fully customize the sizing you want! Literally built to your fitment and measurements.

If you're still unsure (its very important when doing a custom to privide accurate measurements), you can go to a local tailor near you where they can measure you. We need to know your Chest, Stomach (girth), Waist, Torso Length are the main measurements in order to build an aesthetic final result.

We have our general size charts online for our vests and jackets, we've provide a link below for each to check out and give instructions on how to take your measurements properly. We recommend using a soft measuring tape, and measuring your measurements in a relaxed/comfortable state.

Here's our sizing charts below, we also have an AI Size Recommender on our site where you can enter your height, chest fitment preference, and wasit/stomach fitment preference to determine the best recommended fit.


We recommend to use our 3D builder, play with it and see what we can do. Again, we can do alot more than whats on the builder (read above in the other posts)

But all our vests (including non-custom ones) come standard with Dual Conceal Carry Pockets with holsters inside, heavy duty YKK zippers and snap buttons, heavy duty stitching, limited lifetime warranty (read above in warranty post), and customizable liner. If you have your own artwork, we can use that too! Just make sure its in the best resolution possible for the cleanest final result preferably in PDF or AI format (are best)

Other options that are customizable:

  • Exotic embossed cowhide leathers (crocodile, ostrich, dragon scales, python embossed, snake skin embossed cowhide, and more)
  • Upgrade extra fee options: Gold or Black YKK Zippers (standard is bronze), Flannel Liner, Removable thermal liner, custom liner artwork, and more!
  • Customizable artwork that you can provide to our team and we can get you a mockup to see before going to production
  • Over 30+ different shoulder stitching patterns including double diamond, single diamond, honeycomb, tire tread, Tuck N Roll, spider web, triangles, puzzle, squares, and many many more!
  • Customizable length - shorter or longer torso lengths
  • Collared or Collarless options
  • Side expandable zippers (for extra breathing room)
  • Upgrade extra fee option: Horizontal conceal carry (standard is vertical)

There are so many options to do, we literally can do it all. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email, we're here to help!

Good question. But its simple - full custom vests require alot more attention to detail, and specific needs including us sourcing unique hard to get materials that arent necessarily easy to get to immediately at times. Our in-stock customs we're typically able to do them in bulk, thus less time consuming to be able to crank them out in a timely mannor and cost effective way to pass on the savings to our customers for that reason.

However, full customs are alot more intricate since each one is one of a kind.

Not just that, but we have a team here that will reach out to you, and keep you updated every step of the way. Our team is dedicated knowledgable expecrts, who care, and the best at what they do in efficiency/accuracy. We strictly, and ONLY use premium high quality materials, fabrics, hardware, and skills here. With that comes the price of being a premium brand being that we use the best stuff you can get.

Dont be fooled by other companies that might sell for "cheaper" - there usually a reason. And we hear it all the time from customers who tried the "cheaper" route, and just didnt workout and ended up coming to us for their dream vest or jacket in the end. If its too good to be true, it probably is - but we have a proven track record since 2016 that we're the best at what we do, and you deserve the best.

WE DO! We have several options at checkout (depending what country you're in for availbility) like Affirm, Klarna, and Shop Pay Installments at checkout. We dont determine who's approved or not - thats up to who you use based off of your credit history but they do a "soft pull" to check how much you'd qualify for. Then you select your payment preference (sometimes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and sometimes zero interest if its available to you.

Also.. THERES NO FEES! We actually pay the fees in order for you to use this service, isnt that cool? Yea, companies that care are still out there and you're looking at one of them!

Thats what we're here for! We're located at our HQ in Phoenix, AZ with a 3,700+ square foot storefront. Although most of our customers shop online, you can stop by anytime in person to get measured up for a full custom vest or jacket as well! Business hours and location below.

Rebel Reaper Clothing Company

3102 E. Cactus Rd.

Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM - 4PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: CLOSED

Store Phone: 602-975-6392

Custom Vest Team Email:

Instagram: @rebelreaperclothing


TikTok: @rebelreaperclothing

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Julio T.
quality jacket, super happy with it

really happy how it turned out can tell its heavy and definitely quality leather, will be back

Paul T.
wow, Im blown away no joke! amazing!

great jacket, feels heavy, can tell its genuine leather and really built well to protect me in the event of going down, will be getting a custom vest next thanks all!

Nick C.
absolutely incredible company and quality products!

love this jacket, worth every penny!