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    Rebel Reaper Flannels


    Forget the stuffy, scratchy, dull and boring flannel shirts you're used to seeing - we've created something special. With limited release patterns designed in-house, our luxurious & quality proprietary blend will provide an entirely new experience for your skin with no shrinkage or wrinkling. With added features such as hidden collar buttons, custom branded Rebel Reaper buttons, ample length and proper fitment. You wont have to question if you're in between sizing with our artificial intelligence sizing recommender, just select your fitment preference and sizing charts since all our flannels are built with true sizing. Our unique designs have made us a popular hit since we've done flannels in the past; most of them go faster than Usain Bolt at an Olympic race and selling out within minutes! We never replicate the same patterns or designs here. Start your collection and watch how the world will envy your new style. We limit the amount of flannels we do at a time so we can focus on quality here rather than quantity, doing it this way allows us to assure quality control is up to standard for us and our customers. So grab one while they last because once it's gone – it's gone forever! Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.