The "Double Diamond Muerte" Leather Vest - Short Torso - (Men's - Collarless)

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Nathan M.
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Second Vest from RR

I had originally bought a customer vest a few years ago and the quality was amazing. August of 2022 I went down and crashed so hard I blew my knee apart and had to get surgery. But that vest survived. The only thing it did was tear the stitching for the front zipper but all the buttons still worked and was able to continue wearing it after I healed and put the bike back together. Point is the quality is unbelievable and these vests will protect you in the even when needed. They also break in nicely and are very comfortable to wear all day and night.

Ryan T.
my new favorite vest!!!

love it everything from the quality leather down to the custom liner and everything fits perfect too!!!!

Matthew A.
short torso is where its at!

i was nervous about a short torso, but this company has proper fitment and length, it looks amazing on me im about 5'8''' and 190 lbs a large fit me great super happy about this purchase

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