What Makes Rebel Reaper Flannels The Best And Unique?

  • stand out from the crowd

    If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, look no further than our amazing flannels! We've sourced a unique blend of fabrics that feels so luxurious on your skin - you'll never want to take them off. Best part? Every design and pattern is one-of-a-kind, because once they go...they gone! So wave goodbye boring ol' typical flannels and get ready for prime comfort in style with proven quality second to none.

"nothing less than the best" is our motto

quality is everything

Here at Rebel Reaper Clothing Company, we believe that you should never have to sacrifice quality for price. If you're in search of the perfect flannel, look no further! Our shirts have it all - hidden collar buttons to give a sleek finish, custom Rebel Reaper branded buttons for that little something extra special and proper fitment for maximum style with minimal shrinkage or wrinkles. Plus our soft comfortable blend of unique fabrics make these your new favorite go-to pieces. It's almost too good to be true!

  • sell out in minutes of release

    We'd say we've got a following, but it's more like an army of badasses who enjoy our quality proven flannels! Our customers are world-wide warriors ready to feast their eyes on our limited edition releases. And by "limited," we mean once they're gone - poof! They ain't comin' back. Period. We never do re-releases or the same pattern again. So these bad boys fly off the virtual shelves in minutes and before you know it most sizes have sold out - talk about popular demand… We strive for top quality with every piece delivered; stuffed full of unique style, consistent fitment and comfort that'll feel almost too good to be true (luckily for you it isn't).

what customers are saying about our flannels


"As soon as I laid eyes on the Rebel Reaper flannels, I knew they were something special. They had a unique style that was unlike anything else available from other companies. And when I tried them on for size, the fitment was perfect! The vibrant patterns and bold colors made me stand out whenever I went out in public - which is exactly what I wanted. But what really sealed the deal for me was the customer service and shipping speed from Rebel Reaper. When I placed my order online, it arrived at my doorstep within just a few days! Now that's what you call top-notch service! I couldn't be happier with this purchase and can't wait to see what new designs Rebel Reaper releases next. Their flannels are truly one of a kind - no wonder why they're so popular!"

nathan cruz - orange, ca

"If you're looking for a fashion statement that's out of this world, Rebel Reaper Flannels are your go-to brand! I'm loving the perfect fit and bold patterns – they instantly turn heads whenever I strut my stuff in public. Plus, shopping with them is super easy - fast shipping times combined with top notch customer care make it hard to say no! Looking forward to their next must-have collection? Same here!"

Kyle smith - new york

"Rebel Reaper flannels are a fashion *force* to be reckoned with! This purchase was lightning fast, and the customer service is totally electrifying. The fitment? On-point like an arrow in flight - but that's not all; these unique patterns will have you stealing stares wherever your feet may roam. All around, this shindig is one I'm really happy about – can't wait for what comes next!"

alejandro mendez - el paso, tx

"My rebel reaper flannel purchase was so shockingly great that I immediately posted a photo of me wearing it on my social media feeds! From the fitment and look to customer service and speedy shipping, this company has set an unbeatable standard. People now think twice before going anywhere else when they're shopping around—and after feeling out how awesome their products are, who could blame them?"

mary johnson - Cheyenne, wy

"Rebel Reaper Flannels are a real game-changer! Seeing them in person proves they were worth the wait - perfect fit, amazing look and striking patterns that get you noticed. Plus, even though I'm a local I can say that Ive ordered online before and shipping was super speedy and customer service really showed they care. Let's just say I'm feeling pretty stoked about my purchase - bring on the next collection!"

ryan freeman - phoenix, az

Key features of our premium flannels

each pattern is unique

  • proper fitment

    Our flannels are designed from the ground up to look and feel amazing! Plus, they come with a guarantee of uniqueness as every design is limited-edition - so don't wait too long if you spot something that catches your eye. Our longer lengths in the arms and torso ensure an awesome fit for all shapes and sizes, but once these one-of-a kind pieces sell out –there won’t be any more like them...ever!
  • raving customer reviews

    With glowing 5+ star reviews across the board on Google, Facebook and on our site, you can trust that this flannel won't be an itchy dud like grandma's old blanket. Upgrade your look in a comfy new way - get ready to stand out! We also do 30 day returns/exchanges if not satisfied - we do that because our returns are so minimal and you can have confidence knowing you got the best of the best.
  • the "little" details matter

    You won't have to be worried about skimping on details around here; we've got your back! Our flannels take detail-orientedness to the NEXT LEVEL. Don't settle for floppy collars - get your neck 'checkin' proper with our hidden collar branded buttons! And if you don't want regrets later down the line, nab these expertly crafted flannels ASAP because they won't be around forever like tax season or zucchini blossoms in summertime.

checkout some of our current flannels and previous releases

if sold out - dont fret we have more patterns coming soon

The "Humidor" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00
The "Atari" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00
The "Fallout" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00
The "Shoreman" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00
The "Ranger" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00
The "Autumn Falls" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00
The "Crimson" Flannel - Rebel Reaper Clothing CompanyFlannel
Regular price ¥415.00

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